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Are you not feeling the love?

Tired of going with traditional SEO companies and agencies only to be met with poor customer service, subpar results, a lack of transparency, and an overall bad taste in your mouth?

Not every creative house is created equal, and some of them are just plain shady. The world of SEO is a hard one to decipher, and if you get lead to the wrong SEO agency, you can be spending 10's of thousands of dollars before you even see one ranking report. This is because there are a lot of things you don't know about SEO, and a lot of things that are told to you that aren't relevant anymore.

So why waste thousands of dollars at an agency that doesn't have the time or resources to keep up with the ever-evolving SEO world? Your company is worth more than 1/30th of someone's time.

You Need Someone You Can Trust

When it comes to reporting and quantifying everything you do in the marketing space, digital is not where you should be lacking. Everything that you do digitaly has the ability to be monitored, managed, & quantified. Being left in the dark is something that should never happen. This is because after all is said and done digital marketing and SEO is simply math.

Your company is important to you, and your success is my success. I strive to be the best, and I live and breath search engine optimization every single day.

See My work.

SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study
Case Overview

Aggresive link building campaign was initiated in the beginning of May of 2011. Within one year, a site that was on page 50 for one of the most competitive keywords on the internet that there is ("link building service(s)") was sitting comfortably at number 1. The graph above represents an exponential rise in organic traffic through Google.

Search Advertising Case Study

PPC Case Study
Case Overview

The graph above represents clicks (blue) vs conversions (orange) in AdWords PPC. It is a screenshot of one my clients Google search advertising accounts and represents an over-all optimization of keyword budget allocation and search advertising performance.

Conversion Optimization Study

Affiliate Marketing Case Study
Case Overview

Over a three month period, 1-800-4-BLINDS received a ~75% increase in appointments made through the contact form. This was done through optimization of the landing page experience and through finetuning search advertisign, display advertising, and remarketing campaigns.